Carol is one of a kind and we are very blessed to have her as our Realtor!

My husband and I just bought a house at the lake. We were blessed to have found a wonderful person to help us through the process of buying our lake home. Carol was exactly what we needed. She was always available to us and I didn’t have to constantly text or call her because she was already on the phone informing us of the next step. She kept in good contact with us and our bank. Carol was more than professional, it was more like having a friend that was there through it all. I don’t have any sisters, but it was like having a sister there looking, planning, laughing and just having plain ole fun.  Purchasing a second home is very stressful in my book, but Carol kept me informed and took care of the thinking so my anxiety level was at a minimal. There are not too many people left in this world like Carol and I feel very blessed that she was with us through our whole purchasing process. Now that the purchase has been made, I still feel that I could call her up and she would help me in any way that she could. Carol is one of a kind and we are very blessed to have worked with her and plan on working with her again.