Carla Went “ABOVE AND BEYOND” for Both Parties!

At this time we would like to take a moment to thank Carla Meredith for all the time and thoughtfulness you showed to both parties involved in our real estate transaction.

You gave up a lot of evenings with your family to assist both parties and we want you to know we appreciate you very much for that. You take great pride in your work and were/are always willing to go the distance for others. 

We have never dealt with a Realtor before and you were great!  You went above and beyond to get us information we needed to assist us in a big investment decision. You also kept respect for all of us at hand and actually cared to see both parties happy, not just worry about making the sale.

It takes a great person to do the job you do and we were blessed to have you as our Realtor as well. And we are very HAPPY with our new LAKE HOME.

Thank You!